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Simon Brown 
Property Inspections

phone: 027 441 8099
mail: simon@brownandbrown.co.nz

Pre Purchase Property Inspection

> 48hr turnaround.

> 35 years’ experience building
in the Franklin area.

> Common sense report concerned primarily with structural integrity and weather-tightness.

> Moisture testing

> Roof integrity

> Window installation

> Head flashings

> Exterior cladding

> Foundations and sub-floor framing

> Insulation

> Roof framing

> Our comprehensive report includes colour photos and recommendations.

Certificate of Acceptance (COA) builders report


A COA is required for work done without a building consent after 1992. The certificate is lodged in the property file at the local council office.

Safe and Sanitary report

Work done without a building permit prior to 1992.

Look at every defect noted in the report and decide what you can live with, and which defects are within your budget to fix, should you go ahead with the purchase. You might be able to negotiate with the vendor to lower the price if costly renovations are needed and this is not reflected in the price. If the house has too many defects, you might decide not to buy. You might include a condition in the sale and purchase contract that the vendor fixes some of the defects.

The property report is not a guarantee that all possible defects have been identified. It provides information about those defects visible at the time of the inspection. You have to decide if the defects are significant enough to put you off purchasing. Neither is the property report a guarantee that the house meets all the requirements under the Building Act. It does not look into compliance with the Building Code, for example, to see if alterations were done with building consent. You can ask for a special report on this or do your own investigations by looking at the Land Information Memorandum (LIM) and council files.